Why Pécs?

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Pécs is a beautiful place to study in. It is simultaneously a friendly place and a very active city, in which you can never be bored. You can be sure you will find everything here that a student could wish.

If you choose the University of Pécs you can...

…study at the oldest university in Hungary - founded in 1367 - with an exceptionally wide experience and tradition in higher education.

…study at the one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary with its 26,000 other students.

…choose from our professionally relevant and high quality programmes for reasonable tuition fee.

…receive a valuable 
EU diploma.

…experience the high quality of teaching.

…experience the incredibly vivid student life day and night in this truly university city, full of bars, restaurants and cafés.

…study in the well and fully equipped classrooms.

…get a Central European experience and discover easily more European countries during your studies at the UP.

…study in multicultural environment.

…live in a uniquely beautiful place - Pécs received the prestigious title The European Capital of Culture in 2010.

…walk between the historical buildings in the city of Pécs, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

…enjoy the low living expenses.