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Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome to Pécs, the newly appointed European Capital of Culture. Noblesse oblige: immense developments have started at the university that will have an impact on psychology students’ life as well. 

The Centre for Learning, one of the most modern ones in Europe, have been built in which a library meeting all needs and provided with the most modern technical equipment is open to readers. Obviously, the capital of culture shall not miss entertainment opportunities: the new concert centre was inaugurated not long ago, and the quarter for culture and arts will have been finished by 2011 that will offer a uniquely wide variety of experience to university students by presentations, concerts and exhibitions. These large-scale scientific and cultural developments contribute to, and complete, the high standards of our educational programmes that are acknowledged by both Hungarian and foreign experts.

Our slogan is quality, diversity, personality. Our teachers, many of whom are appreciated participants of the international scientific life, invest immense energy in your education. After having completed the bachelor courses at the BA programme, four specialized MA programmes are open to you as well. Then, not less than six doctoral (PhD) programmes offer opportunities to continue your studies.  Postgraduate students may enter professional programmes specialized in clinical psychology and mental hygiene in which students acquire the major theoretical and practical knowledge of the treatment of mental disorders.  These programmes integrate the characteristics of the Pécs school of psychology to be addressed further on as well as scientific achievements and techniques considered to be the most recent ones at an international level. Let me yet mention one characteristic of the psychology education in Pécs, the most important one. Many years ago, when the psychology major was launched, we pledged ourselves to form personal and close relationships with students because we are convinced that it plays a positive and fundamental role in their subsequent career.

Giving care, managing individual advancement, ensuring a tension-free atmosphere still make a high-priority objective despite today’s altered conditions when we educate multiplied numbers of students in each year compared to the past. As you can read in our formerly graduated students’ memoirs, it is good to be a psychology student in Pécs. You become the leading characters of an elite education programme in which everything is tailored to your needs. You are welcome to the Institute of Psychology, to Pécs, to the European Capital of Culture.

Prof. Bereczkei Tamás