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General information

We’ve negotiated travel discounts (see Travel & venue) and secured a limited number of reduced-rate hotel rooms to make your trip to Pécs, Hungary, comfortable and affordable.

We aim to provide a wide range of housing options in hopes to satisfy all of your needs. You may find more information about the different hotels and hostels by clicking on their names below. The accommodations are ordered based on their distance from the conference venue (the closest comes first).



How can I get the reduced price for my room?

In order to book your accommodation at a reduced price you have to send an e-mail directly to the contact person of the hotel you chose. DO NOT make your reservation via the hotel’s website because that way we cannot guarantee you the reduced rates.

Most hotels provide you with a registration form that you have to fill out and send back in order to complete your reservation. Make sure you use the code-word ehbea2018 in the subject of your e-mail. E-mail addresses are provided for each hotel separately, but you can find all the contact details in the table below as well. We also strongly recommend you to send a copy (CC) of your booking for us at That way we could help you more successfully if there was a problem regarding your accommodation.



Booking e-mail addresses

Name of the hotel

Contact person

E-mail address

Hotel Corso

Ms. Orsolya SOKÁCZ

Zsolnay guesthouse

Ms. Beáta SÁNDOR

Hotel Palatinus

Ms. Nikolett HORVÁTH

Hotel Adele


Hotel Laterum



Mr. Adam PUTZ



Can I book my room via the hotel’s website too?

Sure, but you will have to pay the regular price for the room, not the reduced one.



What happens if I book my room after the deadline?

Don’t worry, most hotels will still be able to accommodate you anyway. We cannot guarantee you the reduced price for the rooms, however. Note that the deadline may be different for each hotel (for more information click on the names of the hotels below).



Need Help?

Feel free to ask any questions about housing on Should you have other questions as well, please contact as at We will get back to you ASAP.



Check out the recommended hotels below!

Hotel Corso

Corso Hotel Pécs

650 m (8 min. walk)

Zsolnay gesthouse

Zsolnay guesthouse

850 m (10 min. walk)

Hotel palatinus

Hotel Palatinus

(16 min. walk)

Hotel Adele

Hotel Adele

(16 min. walk)

Hotel laterum

Hotel Laterum

(23-26 min. by bus)

other options

Other options