Dr. Melinda Pohárnok

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University Lecturer




Institute of Psychology,

H7624 Pécs Ifjúság u. 6.

Room: B 303

Tel: +36 72 501516 /24834

E-mail: poharnok.melinda@pte.hu



Learning, communication, socialization (english BA)

Interviews (english BA)

Social development (hungarian BA)

Integration of infant research into psychoanalytic theories (hungarian MA)

From the first memories to the beginnings of autobiography (hungarian MA)

The developmental psychopathology of personality disorders (doctoral)



Narrative psychology

Narrative co-construction in parent-child dialogues


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  • Poharnok, M. The role of agression in severe personality disorders  Poster presented on the 8th European Congress of Psychology, July 2003, Vienna, Austria pp. 246.
  • Poharnok, M. Approach and Avoidance: Interpersonal movements in interpersonal narratives. Poster presented on the Fourth International Conference on the Dialogical Self, Braga, 2006. p. 49.
  • Pohárnok, M., Naszódi, M., Kis, B., Nagy, L., Bóna, A., László J.: Exploring the spatial organization of interpersonal relations by means of computational linguistic analysis. Empirical Text and Culture Research, 2007,3.39-49
  • Pohárnok Melinda, Anett Hári (2013): The effects of maternal emotion regulation and child temperament on mother-child narrative co-construction of autobiographical events. Paper presented on the ISSBD Regional Workshop. Social Development and Interpersonal Dynamics in Childhood and Adolescence. Budapest. September 12-14. Abstract. Editor: Prof. Márta Fülöp. Publisher: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. ISBN 978-963-508-635-1 pp.61.