Dr. Beatrix Lábadi

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Professor associate




Institute of Psychology,

H7624 Pécs Ifjúság u. 6.

Room: B 205

Tel: +36 72 501516 /24196

E-mail: labadi.beatrixt@pte.hu



Research Method


Affective psychology

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Lab Practice

Body representation (PhD)



Cognitive development

Body representation from developmental approach

Social cognition in children





N. Arató, AN Zsido, K Lénárd, B Lábadi (2020). Cybervictimization and cyberbullying: The role of socio- emotional skillsFrontiers in psychiatry 11 Paper: 248

B Birkás, M Dzhelyova, B Lábadi, T Bereczkei, DI Perrett (2014) Cross-cultural perception of trustworthiness: The effect of ethnicity features on evaluation of faces’ observed trustworthiness across four samples. Personality and Individual Differences 69, 56-61

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AN Zsidó, G Darnai, O Inhóf, G Perlaki, G Orsi, SA Nagy, B Lábadi (2019) Differentiation between young adult Internet addicts, smokers, and healthy controls by the interaction between impulsivity and temporal lobe thicknessJournal of Behavioral Addictions 8 (1), 35-47

AN Zsido, N Arato, A Lang, B Labadi, D Stecina, SA Bandi (2020). The connection and background mechanisms of social fears and problematic social networking site use: A Structural Equation Modeling analysisPsychiatry research 292, 113323

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