Dr. András Zsidó

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Assistant Professor




Institute of Psychology,

H7624 Pécs Ifjúság u. 6. 

Room: B 211

Tel: +36 72 501516 /24216

E-mail: zsido.andras@pte.hu


BA – Undergraduate:

Basic statistics

Mathematic statistics


Research papers

Attention (EN)

Cognitive research paper (EN)

Perceptual basis of learning (EN)


Computer based research planning and design

Empirical research in social psychology


Is there a general fear advantage in perception? Maybe there are some threatening stimuli that have a highlighted importance that was acquired throughout the evolution? Or is it learning that will bring a certain stimulus into prominence? My research aims to understand the impact of frightening stimuli on visual attention; and whether they have a temporal advantage in information processing. In my experiments I compare evolutionary old (e.g. snake) and modern (e.g. gun) stimuli using different paradigms; involving other important factors regarding both the stimuli (e.g. arousal, context) and the perceiver (e.g. phobias). My work has mainly focused on healthy young adults. However, I try to target other groups as well; for instance, preschool children, and a specific group of firemen.

Meanwhile, I am developing a new questionnaire (Emergency Reaction Questionnaire – ERQ) to predict people’s behaviour in highly dangerous and life-threatening situations without actually exposing them to one.