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Programme Handbook

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The general aim of the program is to contribute to the intellectual and personal development of each student. Some students will choose to go on to more advanced work in specialist areas whereas others will choose develop their studies within a broader educational experience before mooving into careers in a wide range of employment sectors. The program endeavours to enable students to develop their capacity  to contribute both to their own development and to society in their future working lifes.


More specifically the program aims are to:

  • Provide a sound knowledge of psychology appropriate to future professional work;
  • Introduce the broad range of theoretical and methodological approaches to psychology
  • Encourage students to develop a critical approach to their studies, evaluating theory and evidence accordingly;
  • Equip students to communicate effectively in written and numerical forms;
  • Encourage independent and experiential learning, the development of oral communication skills, and the capacity for independent work;
  • Maintain wide access to study for students with suitable qualifications or experience.
  • Provide a grounding in all areas of psychology such that students may progress onto postgraduate training and education in psychology

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