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Final Exam 2019/2020 Spring

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Prior the Final Exam

  • Students need to choose two of their Research Papers for evaluation during the Final Exam process. The choosen papers can be improved before the final upload based on the feedback of the consulent of the Research Practice. One of the choosen papers will be presented on the Final exam. The following form has to be submitted to Anita Velősy before 25th March 2020 indiciating the choosen papers. Download here!
  • All the 4 Research Papers have to be uploaded to the Neptun system before 25th March 2020!
  • Latest 1 week before the Final Exam you will get the evaluations of the choosen papers. One theoretical topic related to your paper to be presented will be determined by the evaluating teacher in advance.


The  final exam is an oral exam of two parts

1. Presentation of a Research Paper

  • Presentation of a freely chosen Emprical Reserach Paper.
  • The paper needs to be presented in 15 minutes with Power Point (Prezi).
  • After the presentation the examination board may ask questions regarding even the theory or the research part of the presentation


2. Presentation of the given theoretical topic 

  • Presentation of the theoretical topic in 5 minutes preferable included in the presentation of the research paper
  • After the presentation the examination board may ask questions regarding the topic. The students need to show a deep understanding and knowledge in the area.


Evaluation of Final Exam Performance

Mathematical average of the written evaluations of the two choosen Research Papers 20%
Retorical quality of the presentation 10%
Knowledge of the theoretical topic, answers on the corresponding questions 30%
Understanding the theoretical frames of the own study, reflections 20%
Discussion (place the results in the scientific environment, reflections on the results) 20%